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Critterguy / About Jim
About Jim

Your Guide, for the Michigan Wildlife and Natural History Q-line, Jim Harding

Jim is a Wildlife Information Specialist at Michigan State University, working jointly through the MSU Museum and the Department of Zoology. Jim also teaches (since 1997) the undergraduate course called "Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles" for the MSU Department of Zoology. While Jim has a general background in wildlife biology and conservation, he specializes in the study of amphibians and reptiles—especially turtles—and has a particular interest in the conservation of these often misunderstood animals!

Jim received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Wildlife Biology from Michigan State. He has taught for Lansing Community College (Lansing, Michigan), served as an interpretive naturalist for Cranbrook Institute of Science (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan), and since 1989 has worked for the Education Division of the MSU Museum (East Lansing, Michigan). Jim has also served as advisor and consultant to a number of private and public conservation and education agencies, including the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and The Nature Conservancy.

Jim's Publications Include:

Amphibians and Reptiles of the Great Lakes Region (1997, University of Michigan Press)

Michigan Snakes (with J. A. Holman, M. Hensley, and G. Dudderar, 1989, rev. 1993, MSU Extension)

Michigan Turtles and Lizards (with J. A. Holman, 1990, MSU Extension)

Michigan Frogs, Toads, and Salamanders (with J.A. Holman, 1992, MSU Extension)

Jim provided text and photos for a series of educational posters produced by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources on Turtles, Snakes, Frogs and Toads, and Salamanders (of Michigan).

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