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Critterguy / About Q-Line
About Q-Line

To the Michigan Wildlife and Natural History Q-line

Do you have a question about Michigan wildlife? Are you having problems with bats in the attic, raccoons under the deck, or snakes in the basement? Perhaps you saw an unusual bird at your feeder. Or your child found a bone or fossil in the yard- could it be part of a dinosaur? And why did that big turtle dig up your flower bed last summer?

Virtually everyone who lives in, or even just passes through, the Great State of Michigan, will come in contact with wild animals and other natural wonders. This website will, we hope, be a helpful resource for investigating our native (and sometimes non-native) wildlife and other natural objects and for helping to solve problems when people and wild animals come into conflict. You will have access to many experts on the MSU campus and elsewhere to help find answers.

Of course, we can't possibly have the answers to all the possible questions on Michigan natural history and wildlife that might arise , but when we're stumped we can usually point you towards other resources that may help solve the problem. When fully developed, this site will provide links to other informative sites, including government agencies, public and private interest groups, conservation organizations, professional societies, and others.

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