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Critterguy / FAQ / Rabbits
FAQ: Rabbits

Rabbits and woodchucks are eating all my outdoor plants. What can I do to keep them out of my garden?

Rabbits and woodchucks consume edible crop and ornamental plants; may burrow under garages, outbuildings, and homes.

eastern cottontail (baby)
eastern cottontail (baby)
Remedies include:
•   Exclusion: (Can be fenced out of small garden/crop areas).

•   Repellents: (Commercial animal repellents such as waxed based "hot pepper" sprays, napthalene, and others are effective on individual plants or small areas, some odor-based ones possibly in or around burrows.)

•   Hunting: (Effective where allowed. Check with MDNR and local government for rules.)

•   Trapping and removal: (Herbivores are harder to trap than predators; for bait try apple slices, carrots, peanut butter on bread;trapping easier early in season before natural food is abundant.Move several miles and release only where they won't bother other gardeners!)

•   Gassing burrows: (Non-lethal smoke bombs may work; using toxic gasses is not recommended, and, if used, certainly only by licensed professionals.)

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