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Critterguy / FAQ / Raccoons
FAQ: Raccoons

Raccoons persist in getting into our garbage and tearing things up. How can we stop them?

Raccoons are grossly over-abundant, and have severe impact on birds and other wildlife; can tear up lawns, destroy crops, enter and damage buildings; can carry rabies and various other diseases.

Remedies include:
•   Exclusion: (Cap chimneys, repair openings in barns, sheds, etc., fence off under decks; electric fences can protect small crop areas, otherwise 'coons can climb most non-electric fences easily. Commercial animal repellents may deter 'coons from small buildings and away from certain plants; a large dog in the yard may also deter 'coon activity.)

•   Live trapping and removal: (Large cage traps baited with peanut butter, chicken parts, etc. will work. Handle with care! Raccoons must be moved at least 15 miles to avoid quick return; moving them is often discouraged by MDNR, as it just puts the problem in someone else's neighborhood.)

•   Hunting: (Effective where allowed; check with MDNR for regulations.)

•   Trapping and humane destruction: (Legal on private property for raccoons doing damage; check with MDNR for recommended disposal methods. Handle carcasses with extreme caution, and avoid contact with feces to avoid disease transmission.)

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